Tintinburgh | Portugal | 2019 | Lisboa


This is the main album for Lisbon. Some pictures are a bit over-saturated, this is mainly because there was too much light and the exposure was off. Next time I will try different exposure metering techniques, but in reality without doing HDR it will suck.

And doing HDR on Linux is painful, it requires so much work that it is mostly not worth it.

Overall I have taken way too many photos and it was really annoying to go through all of them. I would say I will try to be more careful but I will probably continue taking way too many photos and then screaming at my past-me "Do you really need this from 50 different angles?!" and "can you go home already?"

I am getting old

I was traveling mostly alone, and being alone in an unknown city can be quite confusing. I did not have any issues in terms of navigation or logistics. But few times I was not paying attention to drinking and then I was quite out of place. I also got into some very obvious touristic traps. I knew they were traps but I could not think straight. 😢

Airbnb vs. Hostels

In Lisbon I was staying in airbnb, in Porto in a hostel. I think overall I had way more positive experiences from hostels, being alone in Airbnb just sucks and it's much easier to make friends in hostels (although in my experience everyone leaves the next day).