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Lisboa - MAAT

MAAT is a modern art gallery, in the Belem district. I was staying over at Santa Apolonia which is quite far away so I took an Uber e-bike and biked there - it took me about 40m but I took a lot of photos on my way. I paid about €10.

I think e-bikes (or other emobility solutions) are perfect for the area - they have very nice system of cycle lines and there is not that many pedestrians. That day the daily temperature was something about 27 with no clouds, walking that distance around harbour would be very risky. The only problematic part of this trip was area around Ponte 25 de Abril where I had to cross the road with some heavy traffic.

One thing I regret is that I did not visit LX Factory. I guess I have a reason to come back!

Anyway, inside MAAT they had two exhibitions, the first one Fiction and Fabrication. Photography of Architecture after the Digital Turn, is essentially about fake photos a topic very relevant to this blog! I am not really huge fan of exhibitions and I get bored easily but I really liked this one.

What I liked the most:

Apart from that I enjoyed the first exhibition - Jesper Just. Servitudes, the dark photos below are from this exhibition.