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Metro in Toulouse

The tickets for public transportation cost about 13 EUR for three days which is quite ok (I think in Vienna it was about 17). I used mostly line B and tram T1. The metro has protective wall at each station - I thought I would hate this more but to be honest I did not really care...

The wagons are very small and sometimes it was a bit overcrowded. But the nice thing is that the metro is fully automated so you have direct view to the tunnels. I tried shooting long-exposure - mostly 1/2s. I did not have tripod so I had to stabilized the camera on a handle so I was quite surprised that some of the photos are sharp at all!

There is also quite a lot of flare from the front screen of the metro - I did not figure any way how to get rid of these - the usual "get as close to possible to the glass" did not work because the glass is tilted...

Anyway I am quite happy with the results, I am looking forward to trying this technique at other automatic metro - maybe Budapest?

Time lapses

and this one that turned out too fast:

Short horizontal ride

Long exposure photos